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Red Bull's Neptune Steps billed as 'the mega-tough open-water endurance test' lived up to its billing.

Author: Legends/11 April 2016/Categories: Branding, Sports, Events

The Neptune Steps event at Maryhill Locks on Saturday was a different way to spend a few hours.

A Red Bull event - billed as ‘the mega-tough, open-water endurance test’ certainly lived up to its billing.

Imagine a 420 metre uphill swim climbing 18 metres over eight obstacles – mostly lock gates with water cascading down on you – such as climbing ropes, climbing nest and cargo nets. Throw in the chilly waters of the Forth / Clyde canal in early April.

Would you think there would be many takers?

Amazingly, yes!


Neptune Steps Cargo Nets

200 brave women and men competed in heats for the right to contest two 20-strong finals. The men raced three times (heats, semi -final and final) and the women twice (heats and final) and this is the second year of Neptune Steps.

The first women’s final was won by Shannon Botham (in 8minutes and 8 seconds) a triathlete and student at the University of Stirling.


Mark Deans – an open water swimmer - retained his title in the men’s event winning in an incredible 5minutes 47 seconds. Runner up was Scotland and GB triathlete Marc Austin.


Neptune Steps Finish

The event was really well organised, twin commentators did their best to identify competitors from their race numbers and many congratulations to all who took part.

For more information about a great event which will return in 2017 please click on the Red Bull link.

Red Bull has cornered the market in staging extreme and endurance sporting events as a clever way of promoting their product. Clearly Red Bull operates on a completely different scale to Legends Promotional Products – and most other businesses out there!

But it was really interesting to see such a big company in action staging a small event in Glasgow and reinforcing the power of branding.   


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