• Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
  • Legends mug with 'Brand Aid' slogan
  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
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  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie

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Sports branding from Legends

Our latest marketing campaign promotes some of the branded sports related products supplied at Legends Promotional Products.

Author: Legends/28 April 2016/Categories: Clothing, Branding, Clubs, Charities, Sports, Events

I am delighted to unveil our latest marketing campaign to promote some of the branded sports related products we supply at Legends Promotional Products.

We have built on our successful ‘The power of branding’ campaign combining a striking photo with a catchy slogan for business related products. It’s been hard work out on the golf course, on rugby pitches and in the woods as locations for our 5 sports related products, but someone had to do it!

First up is our promotion for branded t-shirts, our number one best-selling item. The image is of Niamh an international athlete running and wearing a hugely popular Just Cool technical t-shirt with the slogan ‘Your pace or mine.’    

This t-shirt photo took almost no time to shoot. During the same session however we tried to do a clever set up for water bottles. The idea involved squirting water but it ended up being too cold and too windy and photographer Shaun Ward thought quickly on his feet and came up with this athlete, bag, bottle composition which I think works very well.

Message on a bottle may well be borrowed from our business campaign but it is too good a slogan to ignore!



Murrayshall was our venue for the golf photos and many thanks to Golf professional Alan Reid for being so helpful and allowing us to use the 17th green as the backdrop for our two golf photos.

Dad always told me that ‘It never rains on a golf course’ and for many years I believed him! So this was the thinking for the umbrella shot. I probably should not share this with you but it did indeed rain during the photo shoot. Classic April showers with a bit of sun as well!

Ivor Robson was the inspiration behind the ‘On the tee’ golf ball photo as in ‘On the tee - Rory McIlroy.’ Ivor announced the players on the first tee at European Tour events from 1975 until 2015. His soft Scottish tones were much loved – and often impersonated - by players and spectators alike. 

Branded golf balls, tees and umbrellas are amongst a range of golf products we supply and are perfect for Golf Days. Please see our golf website for full details.

Finally, on a chilly evening by the side of the North Inch rugby pitches we photographed the Law family wearing hoodies with suitable sporting props. I spent a long time pondering over alleged clever slogans, along the lines of ‘In the hood’ or ‘Hanging in the hood’ but I was wisely advised that these were pretty dated and a bit lame.

Instead I went for stating the obvious with Man Hood, Girl Hood, Boy Hood and Woman Hood which allowed us to show off four different styles of hoody. I think it works well.

If you would like more information or indeed a quote for any branded sports or events related products please get in touch via our Contact page.

Legends Promotional Products | The power of branding.


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