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  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
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  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie
  • Legends Walking talking advertising board blue hoodie

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Legends Supports the Angus Half Marathon

What a great event and what a wonderful venue

Legends Water bottlesOn Saturday 19 April I popped over to Monikie Country Park for the Angus Half Marathon or HAM as it is known.

Legends supplied the sports water bottles for the HAM goody bags which was a great promotional opportunity and a practical way of getting some of our products in to almost 300 pairs of hands!
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Hoodies: Colourful, Technical, Innovative

Hoodies are beloved right across the age spectrum

The Kelly Green / Electric Orange hoody from the new Superbright Hoody range for 2014Hoodies have tended to receive a bit of a bad press in recent years, but they are beloved right across the age spectrum.

They are extraordinarily popular in the UK as witnessed by the celebrated Just Hoods range which started less than 5 years ago with one style of hoodie in its range and around 30 colour choices. Today you can choose from a range of 37 different products including 19 different styles of hoodies alone, across 50 different colours.
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Postcard Marketing – Wish You Were Here!

Effective postcard marketing

Legends Brand and Deliver - MabelHaving used postcards printed on both sides as one aspect of marketing Legends for a few years I know how effective they can be.

They are a refreshing alternative to business cards and are more substantial than flyers.

In an age when we can all communicate with the whole world at the touch of the button it is getting ever more difficult to communicate your marketing message differently.
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Legends Goes Global!

The power of networking and doing a good job

Triathlon ScotlandBack in March some of the ladies from Triathlon Scotland attended the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park. They wore their Legends supplied branded kit and their striking Aqua colour jackets in particular caused a lot of comment.

They were asked where they got their kit and a few weeks later the British Canoe Union Lifeguards made contact with me, placing an order for branded waterproof jackets, softshell jackets and shirts.
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Razor Blades, Aeroplanes and Sheep – Brilliant Marketing!

Great and inspiring ideas to improve your marketing

Legends Brand and Deliver - MabelI am always looking for new ideas to improve my marketing. There are many terrific examples. The internet and social media sites are rich sources of information and I have come across some great and inspiring ideas.

The sort of thing which makes me stop and think: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’

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